Pulsar Greyline

Greyline Instruments was formed in 1986 to develop, manufacture, and market industrial flow and level monitoring instruments primarily focused on non-contacting ultrasonic technology. Founders Bill Robson and Ernie Higginson were focused on market-driven product design and were committed to finding innovative solutions to monitor liquid flow and level for industry, water, and wastewater treatment.

In 1992 they built and moved to a larger space to continue advancements in Research and Development, manufacturing, and marketing. By 2010 growth in the company required the doubling of manufacturing and office space and expanded research facilities. In the following years, they made multiple generation shifts in their line of ultrasonic flow and level instruments. Greyline became a world leader in ultrasonic Doppler technology. As advanced new ultrasonic flow and level models moved into production Greyline also developed important new technologies including Area-Velocity and Transit Time flow measurement.

Greyline’s products have become known worldwide for their ease of use and reliable performance. With years of steady growth, Greyline instruments are recognized, distributed, and supported worldwide. In 2019, TASI Group acquired Greyline and an amalgamation took place between Greyline and another TASi company, Pulsar Measurement. The two brands will offer a wider range of instrumentation with a continued focus on research, product development, and manufacturing. Together they plan to grow as an industry leader and continue to have a global presence.